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                                        Service And Repairs

Paradise Pools will open, winterize, and/or maintain your pool for peace of mind and total enjoyment.  we also perform major and minor repairs to your pool,deck and filtration system when mother nature or wear and tear take their toll.  


We offer two different options for weekly maintenance: 

Option 1- is a full weekly maintenance package that includes cleaning, check and balancing chemicals, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, backwashing filter, and general check-over.

Option 2- is a partial weekly maintenance package which includes checking and balancing chemicals, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, backwashing filter and general check-over of the pool.    


We offer a wide variety of services for pool repairs.  Here are the services that we offer:

Pool equipment replacement, repairs, and upgrades
Liner and cover patching
Liner replacement
Leak detection and repair
Concrete deck replacement and repair
Plumbing replacement
Step repair and replacement
Bottom skimcoating
Automatic cover repair and replacement
Automatic cover fabric and rope replacement
Winter cover replacement and installation
Pool light replacement and repair
Pool plastering and tiling
Pool fill-ins


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